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The new Data Marketplace

Offsetdata is a data marketplace designed for secure data exchange and monetization

Our mission is to bridge the gap between data producers and consumers and bring value to data

Feature-rich marketplace for the Data economy

Explore the advantages of a secure infrastructure through Offsetdata's data marketplace. Our suite of developer tools empowers you with control, flexibility, and efficiency, ensuring seamless accessibility and usability of your data assets making them easily monetisable.

Offsetdata marketplace is your all-in-one solution that offers scalability, trust and accuracy.

  • Uploads are timestamped and secure, without the need for having multiple back-ups running in different server locations
  • Offsetdata uses the world's leading technologies to develop and provide a data recording solution for the new data economy
  • Our software takes advantage of and advances the current use of Web3 technology to simultaneously add data to multiple blockchain environments in one transaction

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Delivering a suite of development tools for all industries to buy and sell data with ease!


Metadata Mapping

Ensure that the information associated with your digital assets is accurate, organized, and accessible


Data Storage

Store your data with Offsetata as single records or collections. Choose what you share and/or sell


Interoperable Solution

Allow different networks, applications, and protocols to exchange data in a seamless and transparent manner


Simple and Easy

Simple and intuitive connections for developers or IoT devices to submit and read data


Enhanced Data Value

Granular data segmentation, for providers to showcase their offerings in various formats and standards


Immutability and Trust

A tamper-proof, unaltered data establishes a high level of trust between data providers and buyers.

Empowering Trust

Our solution simplifies data record transparency to make it honest and universally accessible by leveraging the power of distributed ledger technology. It can help you deliver content while saving considerable cost

GDPR Compliant

Protocol that meets General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements for properly handling personal data as defined in the law


Supported major EVM compatible chains

User friendly storage

Easy to understand and navigate user interface, simplified user experience


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    • Basic

      / Month
      • Data Read, Write
      • Verification queries
      • 10k API calls
      • Multichain testnets
      • 24/7 Discord support
      • Custom throughput
    • Pro

      / Month
      • Data Read, Write
      • Verification queries
      • 35k API calls
      • Multichain mainnets & testnets
      • 24/7 Discord support
      • Custom throughput
    • Enterprise

      / Month
      • Data Read, Write
      • Verification queries
      • 300k API calls
      • Multichain mainnets & testnets
      • 24/7 Discord support
      • Custom throughput

What our customers
are saying

Our start-up relies on Offsetdata to list our datasets. We've been impressed with how much revenue DaaS has driven by matching our manufacturing datasets to buyers we never would have identified ourselves.

Andrew Lohaan
Grow Automated

Your data storage solutions have exceeded my expectations. I feel confident that my data is secure and accessible on the decentralized network. Thank you for your top-notch service!

Leslie Alexander
Backend Developer

I appreciate the sustainability aspect of your data offsetting service. It's great to know that my data storage and processing is having a minimal impact on the environment. Keep up the good work!

Moorie Hussy
Product Designer

Loving the ability to make select datasets freely available to research partners while also generating revenue from premium data products The ability to bundle data access with our core services was a gamechanger.


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DaaS allows companies to monetize their data assets by selling access to unique datasets they have created. Valuable data that is being collected but underutilized can become a new profit center. Any proprietary and well-structured data that provides unique insights can potentially be packaged and sold as a data product on Offsetdata marketplace. The additional revenue generated allows companies to maximize the return from their data while benefiting data buyers.
All data providers on our marketplace go through a strict onboarding process including KYC verification. We also utilize reputation scores, ratings, and reviews to help identify high-quality providers and datasets.
Offsetdata supports many data types including IoT sensor data, financial data, healthcare data, location data, and more. If your data can be digitized, it can be monetized on our marketplace.
The data offsetting feature works by reducing the carbon emissions associated with data storage and processing. This can be achieved through a variety of means, such as by using renewable energy sources to power data centers or by implementing energy-efficient technologies.

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