Supported Blockchain Network and Protocols

Our data Marketplace
helps companies to


Sell data

Monetize their data assets in a compliant and transparent manner, opening an additional revenue stream by becoming a Data as a Service (DaaS) provider


Purchase data

Acquire high-quality, blockchain-timestamped data that's verifiable for authenticity and remains unaltered, ensuring utmost trustworthiness


Store data

Securely safeguard their information using robust encryption methods, ensuring both enhanced transparency around data usage and the immutability of stored data


Manage data

Seamlessly read, write, and share data with clients and applications through a secure API interface, all while ensuring strict adherence to GDPR compliance

New data economy with Blockchain, Cloud & Data Science

We are an enterprise-ready solution that combines the strengths of blockchain, cloud infrastructure, and data science. Companies can leverage our marketplace for frictionless data monetization, purchasing validated data, and establishing trusted data pipelines

Our mission is to power the new data economy where organizations can maximize the value of data while retaining ownership and control. We enable anyone to buy, sell, and work with data securely

Take advantage of our secure data marketplace to immerse your business in the new data economy, unlocking the disruptive power of your data at the next level

How does it work?

Sellers categorize data into collections and list them on Offsetdata's platform via API. Buyers purchase API access to data collections which automatically handle licensing and payments. Our identity and access management ensures regulated, compliant data access

The data marketplace runs on a public blockchain to enable trusted data exchange. The blockchain stores a verification fingerprint for each record while smart contracts enable data ownership and access rights

  • New revenue streams
  • Minimal coding required
  • Reduced data storage cost

Collection of data for AI training

Powering secure and reliable AI models, harnessing the power of Blockchain to ensure AI Safety and transparency, with verifiable model training processes

Reputation and appeal

Storing AI training data on a blockchain enhances transparency and provides an auditable record

Enhanced Security

Using blockchain for data storage addresses privacy concerns and reduces the risk of data breaches

Stay compliant

Comply with data storing and processing regulations (DPA, GDPR, AI Safety)

Companies who
already love us


Our decision to integrate the data offsetting service has been met with overwhelming support from our customers. They appreciate the efforts we're making to reduce our carbon footprint, and the feedback has been extremely positive.


Listing our data collections through the API was simple and fast. We've already seen significant new revenue from buyers licensing our data through the marketplace. This new monetization stream required minimal technical work on our end.

Emma Turning
Cristy Insights Ltd

Blockchain fingerprints are a gamechangers for transparency. Detailed trails add significant trust and confidence in the data we acquire through the marketplace. The verification processes give us assurance of integrity across the supply chain

Ä’riks Strutt
Epos Games

As an IoT company, the ability to monetize our real-time sensor data via the marketplace is extremely valuable. The API integration was simple sice we used NPM package and we were able to get our IoT data streams flowing into the marketplace quickly.

Jemma Lucas
InfoSmart Corp

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